Glueing Sheltie Ears

1. Put a small amount of Speed Sew or similar fabric glue on the hair on the tip of the ear closer to the inner side.
Then take the tip and glue it under the long hairs growing on the lower inside edge of the ear.

2.  Do the same with the other ear being careful to glue each ear at the same level so that the ears break evenly.

3. Comb the hair forward on the inside edge of the back of both ears.
Apply glue to the hair on one edge.
When you are satisfied with the way the ears sit,
pull the two ears together evenly and glue the hair together between the ears. 

And there you have a nicely set pair of Sheltie ears.  Leave them glued for one to two weeks
and then take them out to make sure they are not slightly crooked.  You can leave them out as long as they look evenly set and tipped.
If an ear flies (or stands up straight), both ears should be re-glued for another week or two.
Also, if one ear comes undone, take them both out or re-glue the undone ear or the ears will become crooked.

QUESTION: In your instructions about gluing prick ears, you did not mention at what age
it would be pointless to try and bring the "flyaway" ears down.  At what point does it become a waste of time? 

To answer your question, I would have to say it depends on the type of ear.
The thinner ear (but not a thick, large ear) might be changed possibly before 18 months
if you are very diligent about working on it/them.
I would say as a general rule though that if you can't make any change/difference
to an ear(s) by one year of age, you probably won't ever be able to change it/them.
The most important time to keep working on ears is during teething from 3 1/2 months up to a year. 

Naturally, the ears will come unglued every now and then, and that is a good time
to test to see what they are doing when unglued... and always, if one comes undone, undo
the other ear at the same time, and clean all the old glue off each ear.
Redo them both at the same time too... to keep them even and at the same stage of "shaping."

Hope this helps!

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